Thursday, 25 December 2008

It's rather late but Happy Christmas

Well my shift has finished so just a quick note to wish you all a Healthy and Happy Xmas!

Don't forget, if you need Medical Advice, try the pharmacy on duty (usually found in your local rag!) or if it's more serious contact a Doctor.The on call doctors telephone number is 0844 8001234

Seasons greeting to you all from the OGM!

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Nothing Changes does it?

Greetings one and all. I trust all of you are well.

I've been away for a while out of the area on secondment and working too many bloody hours but now I'm back! So what did I miss? Anything new? Nope! The Manston airport haters still hate it and anyone who likes it. The Council are still trying to sell off property owned by us (the general public). Rick bless him, still writes novels in the comments section on other peoples blogs, the Maritime museum is up sh*t creek etc etc etc etc.

It's not surprising that our local newspapers aren't even fit enough for our fish and chips. The same old news just seems to get recycled!

So what ramblings for today? Well.........................................

First, it was very sad to hear of the death of Oliver Postgate. His programmes influenced an entire generation including myself. But was he our greatest living Thanetian? Not in my opinion. He was born in Hendon in Middlesex, which, (although my geography isn't brilliant) is no where near the Isle of Thanet. To me, they have to have been born here to be a Thanetian. But of course that's just my opinion. But it was nice to see according to a recent ECR Poll, Brenda Blethyn be crowned with that very same accolade. Which of course is fine as she was born right here in Ramsgate.

Which brings me to my next point...........

Mrs. Daktari had saved me the "front page news" of the Adscene which had the headline "Granville Theatre to Close!" Oh no I thought, not another place gone! But wait, it turns out the headline was incorrect! In a later edition of the said local rag, a very small apology and many corrections were made to the inaccurate story and it turns out that the Granville are just short of funds but not at this moment closing at all!

It's nice to see that when the newspaper gets it wrong, they don't really help the situation by making the corrections somewhere where people will actually see it! I wonder how many people now think it has closed and don't even bother in finding out? Which of course in turn, may well mean less people visiting it!

Bob Geldoff managed to switch on the xmas lights in Margate with anyone throwing spare change at him - or deodorant for that matter!

And apparently we're all now better off with 2.5% taken off V.A.T. which in real terms is a few pence here and there, although the adverts on the telly make it sound like the savings are HUGE!!!!! And people are still on about whether we should join the Euro or not. Most people I know straight away say no. But would your average joe on the street really be that street smart fiscally to know where we'd be worse off or not? But that's a debate for a whole other time.

It's probably safer to wait for the DFS sale where I know I'll definitely make a saving! ;)

On a lighter note, it seems that Jeremy Paxman was in Sandwich yesterday as he was doing something on Pegwell today. Anyone with any more information on that?

Right! Ramble over, I'll be back to my usual self soon once I've had some kip and start working some reasonable hours again!