Wednesday, 22 October 2008

A nice evening down the Harbour

Well that's what I had! A friend of mine who is originally from Ramsgate but has lived abroad for the past 14 years had popped back to see his folks and so decided that we should pop down the harbour for a pint or ten! And enjoyed some fabulous beers in several establishments

Having see how Ramsgate has been in the past, my old chum commented on how it seems that Ramsgate has pulled its socks up a bit. He has fond memories of the town and we really did reminisce about the old days of Ramsgate and the fun that could be had.

While remembering the "good old days" of our yoof, it then turned to sadness as we looked at things now gone such as Pleasurama, The Marina Swimming Pool etc.

Despite not having lived here for 14 years he's always kept abreast of what's happened here and is sad that so many things seem to have vanished.

When I explained about the council that Ramsgate will be getting, he thinks it can only help the town.

Only time will tell of course but it's always interesting to get an old resident of the towns view.

Monday, 20 October 2008

Do you know what you're drinking?

I always said there was something in the water!

Now it would seem that my little catchphrase is actually right! Rather than regurgitate what you can already find on the blogs, I strongly suggest that you check out Michael Childs blog on the subject here.

It's all rather worrying really isn't it? If you're not sure what Cyclohexanone is or you find most of the stuff on the internet a bit hard to understand, then basically...................

It is a colorless, oily liquid with an odor reminiscent of peppermint oil and acetone. Over time, the color of the liquid changes to yellow. Cyclohexanone is slightly soluble in water (5-10 g/100 ml), but miscible with the most common organic solvents. Cyclohexanone is employed as an industrial solvent and it is also used in the production of adipic acid, cyclohexanone resins, caprolactam and nylon 6.

I could go on but in short, it's toxic! Oh yes, and it could be in our water supply!

Now I'm sure that the clean up operation is pretty strict but it does seem a little odd that we're only really hearing about it now after 12 years. THAT is what concerns me.

The problem is, now I'm wondering what else has happend in the past that we should really have been told about? That's the $64,000 question!

It pains me to say it but serial antagonist "Rick" has really done some work of importance here for everyone in Thanet. Hopefully more will come to light as time moves on (although let hope it's not in another 12 years!)

I do wonder though if some of it has escaped in the water though, what with Eastcliff Richard's recent hissy fit and Maisiegrace's view of Margate through rose tinted specs!

Nurse.........The Screens!!!!!!

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Council approved but they don't like it up at TDC do they!

The Ramsgate Council thing has been approved and it would seem that the usual stuff about how it's going to cost us more money etc etc is being spurted out left right and centre. One of the most notable being councillor Mike Harrison.

Well, that's democracy for you! Ramsgate voted and the winner was for Ramsgate to have its own Council, so frankly we'd better start getting used to the idea!

Personally, if it costs us a bit more but means that more can be done for Ramsgate then I'm all for it. You don't get anything for nothing do you! And Broadstairs have a council and that seems to be alright!

All Mike Harrison has done is bash on about Gerry O'Donnell like he's the spawn of Satan or something. All Gerry did was get passionate about the town he lives in and wants it to have greater control over the things that happen in it.

It doesn't mean that Gerry will become a councillor, he'll have to stand like anyone else and if he's voted in, then so be it. But of course, people may vote for someone else.

There are things that do make me chuckle though, like Mike Harrison saying that he wont stand for election in this council as he opposed it and it wouldn't be right! Surely Mike, the best thing you could do is to stand and then fight the system from within - if that's what you want to do!

By saying he wont stand, my interpretation is that Mike isn't all that interested really in Ramsgate. If he was, he would stand!

So come on Mike, show us that you do have the interest of the town that voted for you to represent part of them on TDC!!!!!

So my final opinion on this is the following..........................................

None of the TDC Councillors for Ramsgate have said anything positive or they have stayed silent about the creation of this new council. So I would urge anyone who reads my ramblings to remember this when it comes to the elections in 2009 because if these people start popping up as candidates, it'll be a bit hypocritial wont it?

Mark my words, I'm sure that some of them will stand and frankly I think that their current actions (or lack of them) should be testament as to why they shouldn't represent us!

This is a good opportunity to get Ramsgate back on track. Let's hope the electorate don't miss an opportunity to get the best for our town.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Richard Eastcliff Gives us some Medical Advice

Well not exactly but Richard did post something informative from one of his readers here about the Flu Jab and how you can get it from a place in Broadstairs called Pierremont Pharmacy.

I can tell you in the land of the NHS that the post is correct in the fact that if you are not a high risk patient, you are not automatically entitled to this jab. This is yet another reason why private clinics start doing so well because most people who actually want the jab are the people who don't want to be sick off work.

I think I'm going to have to nip to Broadstairs to have a look at this Pharmacy. I've had a look at their website here and actually I'm now rather intrigued as it would seem that their clinical rooms are much nicer than mine! I'm surprised that Ken Gregory's not told us about this place as it's in Broadstairs.

Still, it's nice for a change to see a pharmacy getting involved in this way thus taking a little pressure off G.P.'s and frankly I don't think I've seen a set up quite like this. But why isn't there something like this in Ramsgate? It's always in Broadstairs! OK so we've got a nice big Boots in the High Street and there's the other one next door to Rooks which looks rather dark inside, but none of these places seem to be offering what this place is doing Broadstairs.

OK. So this part of the ramble is the serious bit, and of course this is my own opinion (other medics opinions may vary!).

It the flu jab worth it? - YES! It can help stop the spread of Flu which is a virus, so it can be stopped.

But the flu jab can give me flu though can't it? NO! Despite what anyone might tell you, it is impossible to get flu from the jab as the vaccine contains inactive antigens. You may get some cold like symptoms for a day or two but that's it.

Have I got a cold or do I really have flu? You will know if you have the flu! Most people will be suffering from just a rather nasty cold and claim they have flu but they haven't. Basically, if there was a million quid sat over the other side of the room and you were told you could keep it if you went over and picked it up, if you had a cold you'd get the money, if you have flu, you wouldn't give a monkeys about the dosh!

So final bits of advice?

I think it's worth having a flu jab. It's only protective against 3 strains of the virus but they are the most likely ones to be lurking around.

Phone your Doctor's Surgery and check whether you can get it off them for free. If you can then brilliant, if not, then you've got the choice to go elsewhere and pay to have it done or of course not have it at all. It's your choice!

And remember, by having a flu jab it also reduces the chance of you passing on the virus to someone else. Influenza is still a large killer so it's better to be prepared.

I hope this posting has been helpful for some people. If you want more info on flu then your best bet is to type it into a seach engine or check Wikipedia.

Stay Healthy!

More Ramblings from the OGM

Greetings one and all from the OGM (Ken Gregory's little nickname for me)

It's been a while but sometimes life in the world of The Great Daktari can be rather busy however, I'm back!

So what have I missed since my last rambling? err.... Chinagate/planning/chinagate/planning etc etc

Despite my own ramblings being a little non-existant as of late, I do try to keep up with my daily dose of favourite bloggers.

So what really has kept me amused on the blogging scene since I last rambled? Well I guess it's got to be the china gateway malarchy really. Whether you're for or against it's made great reading and has still been more interesting that reading the local rags.

The great thing about this blogging lark is that anyone can voice their opinion. Some (dare I say) more sensible than others.

There's a great deal of passion when it comes to this chinagate thing. Michael Child's Thanetonline blog can certainly tell you that as can Tony's Bignews Margate. For the time being I don't think I'll ramble on to much on this subject as many others are already doing such a good job. Whether you are for it, or against it, well that's your own choice but my advice to you is do watch out for the propaganda that seems to spew from both sides of the fence. It could distract you from the topic in hand. Actually, it would seem that Goebbels is alive and well in Thanet and having fun with both sides.

All I will say, is that it would be nice to see what more of TDC's Councillors have to say on the Topic. Obviously, the blogging worlds Ken Gregory needs to be careful of what he says (due to the planning chair etc) and I fully understand that. Even Sandy Ezekiel gives you a straight answer on his opinion (a first I know! Although if you want to debate who funded the trip to China, you'd better start a new topic). So what do the other councillors have to say on this matter? Come on chaps, tell us the truth! Or as Jamie Oliver would say "Try something new today!"