Friday, 5 September 2008

Another vote about a Ramsgate Town Council

According to "Your Thanet" Newspaper, next year, we're to get a vote on whether or not we want a Town Council in Ramsgate or not

Didn't we have a referendum the other year to decide this? What a wast of money organising yet another vote.

On one side, it looks like we could end up voting in more bureaucrats to waste our taxes on, but on the other, we already have a load that are wasting OUR money in the form of TDC organising this farce of a vote! Perhaps us Ramsgatonians will see sense and vote in people that will be more sensible - but I doubt that'll happen!

Of course G.O.D. (Gerry O'wotsit) is pleased that this is happening. Now I'm not going to knock the chap as he's really been passionate about this, but just how much money is all this voting malarchy costing us?

All I'll say on the matter is, if we do end up with a Town Council, don't just vote with your usual opinions on who's best, let's really look into who they are and what they can do for our town.

For what it's worth, Broadstairs seem to do just fine with one so who knows, it could be just the thing that Ramsgate needs.

The Jury's out on this one but it'll be interesting whatever happens


Ken Gregory said...

Oh Great Medic (henceforth 'OGM') Could you please direct me to Cloud Cuckoo Land, whence I am supposed to hail from?.

Ps it costs about forty grand to haold a referendum in Ramsgate

Michael Child said...

I don’t think this can be right we have already had the referendum so the next thing should be parish council elections, I for one would strongly object to paying for two referendums.

Michael Child said...

I have just checked with TDC who have confirmed that this is to be an election, not a referendum.

The Great Daktari said...

Ah that's ok then if it's the election!

lets hope everyone votes with some sense!

Ken, I did say that "MOST" of TDC live in cloud cuckoo land, I didn't include you in that as I'm well aware that you serve Sleepy Hollow! Somehow I don't think Panama would suit you.

Ken Gregory said...

Sleepy hollow? surely not st Peters!

Ken Gregory said...

Ps have you had problems placing new posts on Blogger?

Matt B said...

I'm interested to see how this pans out. If it works well it will set a trend. Can anyone tell me how much authority is devolved from TDC to Ramsgate, if any.