Tuesday, 11 November 2008

It's True! GOD really does help old people!

Oh alright! Not that GOD but G.O.D. (otherwise known as the not so lesser spotted Gerry O' Wotsit)

I was trying to find somewhere to park near my home up here on the Eastcliff (which is not an easy thing to do considering many employees of shops in the town use it as free parking! Grr!!) when I approached Homefleet House only to see all the cars grind to a halt whilst Gerry helped an old lady across the road. No hype, no photos, just someone helping another person in this world down here on planet thanet!

Whether you agree with his ideals or not doesn't matter. We're all quick to criticise, but good on you Gerry for showing that there are still people who will go out of their way to help others. Believe me, there are a lot of people round here who wouldn't have even bothered helping.

I did contemplate using my camera on my mobile to get a shot but seeing as I was driving, I didn't facy breaking the law! Plus I think we've already seen him loads in the local rags!

Just thought I'd share that with everyone as it made me feel good to look at the brighter side of life! Now I can take the rose tinted specs off!

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Anonymous said...

Of course the real God does not help old folk. My mother, 84, has just broken her hip. all was well until some gremlin got into her works. She is now a vegatable, in real pain and dependant upon morphine. Lights are on, no one in. Dr says she will die shortly, between 1 day and 10 weeks.

I would not treat my dog like she is being treated. She deserves a humane end to her life, all she is getting is pain and an undignified end. I do not blame the medical profession, I blame our two faced society who treat animals with more compassion than fellow 'Humans'