Saturday, 12 June 2010

Out of Quarantine - How things have changed

Blimey, that year went quick! No sooner than I mentioned Swine Flu, I sneezed and was carried away by the men in black! It's been quite worrying. Mrs. Daktari woke up in pigtails and even came out in rashers!

I assure you, after many a liberal application of Oinkment and Juantibiotics we are both just fine.

So whats new? A coalition government (which I don't think will last 5 years) and lots of idiotic Sun readers making such comments as "Labours scorched earth policy" and even bigger morons going on about unelected prime ministers (highly amusing because we don't actually vote for a prime minister like the USA vote for a president!) and as for scorched earth, let us not forget Margaret Thatcher!

Other than that, it's the same old, same old isn't it? TDC despite no longer having Sandy Shores or whatever his name is as leader, still have the same stigma attatched to them (i.e. They're all barking mad!) Ramsgate's Town Council have moved house and the Ramsgate Society are in League with the Devil - Oops sorry I mean.... The Ramsgate Society have got TDC behind them (will there be a coup against our beloved Town Council? lol)or will that lovely poster get back up advertising that Hairdressers business - Poor sod. The guys trying to make a living and eveyone wants him to be another unemployment statistic!

Westgate Pavillion has been shut. Do you know, I've never been there. I was born here in Thanet and have lived a significant portion of it here but I've never been to the Westgate Pavillion. I always kind of got the impression it was a little bit how Littlewoods in Ramsgate used to be - i.e. you've got to be over 70 before they'll let you in!

Tracey Eminem put a sign up in Margate saying "I never stopped loving you" - In Neon!
Well Tracey, it seems that the Council stopped loving the place years ago and are now trying to change that tack at the expense of other places in Thanet!

Not only that Cllrs Mark Nottingham and Mr. Simon Moores seem to quite dislike each other with one trying to do the other over in court for something or other (and we voted these people into Local Government? Gee Whizz!!!!) perhaps one of our local film makers could make a movie of it. Maybe along the lines of a FROST/NIXON type thingy. We could have Nottingham Moores. Ooh erm.. maybe not cos that sounds like somewhere you might find someone unsavoury with a murder conviction.

In short a year has past and it's still not looking good is it? Such a shame that no one on any of the councils (or parliament for that matter) can do anything that seems to turn around Thanets fortunes.

So here I am! A year from before and still rather sad at it all really. But it's nice to be back!


Ken Gregory said...

Welcome back oh great medic, but I would say that wouldn't I as according to you I am 'Barking Mad'

The Great Daktari said...

Awwwww Ken. You're not barking mad just a little "Lost" in my humble opinion. It's a bit like Star Wars and Darth Vader - I can feel that there is still good in you! lol

Many thanks for the welcome return!

Michael Child said...

Quid agis medicine, glad to hear the swine flu cleared up, I spent mot of the weekend gardening, so have a this funny pain all down the old hypotenuse – any suggestions?

Good to have you back on the blogging scene, what with Bertie under doctors orders not to blog and the councillors abiding by some strange protocol.
Ken, sounds like a professional opinion to me, afraid the doc is trying to let you down lightly, however I may have the solution at

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