Monday, 8 July 2013

Former Disqualified Councillor Talking B*ll*cks?

Well hello there! I've been busy working in the Third World - Or the Isle Of Sheppey as we all call it! But I'm sort of back! For how long I do not know, but hey - that's the fun of it! Actually, all things aside, I've been rather busy and doing some work out of the area and at times, out of the country. That said, I'm not sure, whether "Blogs" have had their day or not. With the advent of the Twittersphere these days that seems to be taking over, I may look to move to that. Anyhooo.............. So here I am, back in my beloved Ramsgate. I've moved now so am no longer on the East Cliff but am still withing the Ramsgate East Area (just) in land a little more and enjoying life! Work is hard but very rewarding at times. And with reward comes the occasional Drinkypoos! In fact, I did this on Sunday just gone and found myself at a place called The Great Tree which used to be The Shakespeare pub along Margate road. It's now a micropub and was actually quite pleasant. I've been a couple of times and I've been made to feel very welcome so I went again on Sunday and who should I see "propping up" the bar but this chap
Yes it's none other than Bowen Fuller. Once a TDC Councillor for Salmestone Ward for the Tories and if I'm not mistaken (please help me here) he was disqualified from Thanet District Council for doing NOTHING!!! Well they say an Elephant never forgets (and I have put on a few pounds recently) but what I found most amusing was the Mr. Fuller was conversing with regulars in the pub (he'd been there several hours already by this point) telling them that he was from New Zealand and that he'd been in The Army!!! Well having been born and bred in Thanet, I do know that Mr. Bowen Fuller was a pupil at St Georges School in Boredstairs from 1983 to 1988 so where on earth he got his new found roots from I'll never know. So the Moral of the story? Tories still seem to lie even after all these years? Well, maybe but todays moral is........ Thanet is such a small place, the chances are that someone will know/recognise you so don't talk Bollocks or you may get caught out! I think that's fair isn't it?


John Holyer said...

You say that Tory councillors lie. In your view do Labour, Libdem, UKPIP and Independent Councillors also lie, indeed do you lie?

Richard Eastcliff said...

Welcome back Mr D! I hope you and Clarence are settling in nicely!

The Great Daktari said...

Thanks EKR!
John,you can always tell when a politician lies because their lips move!

As for Bowen Fuller, you have to go some to get disqualified from Thanet District Council and to then turn up in a pub years later claiming your not even from this Country just sounds a little strange. I was only observing how close knit Planet Thanet is! ;-)

Anonymous said...

You are talking about ole Bowen Arra Doctor Ramblings.

How kind of you to say Thanet is close knit. A euphemism for interbred.

The Great Tree spirit seems undimmed by its introduction to Thanet Gratitude. Sounds like a good lady singer and wrestler. Bloody marvellous.


Anonymous said...

Oh a Doctor. What say you about contamination of the aquifer with cyclohexonone for three decades ?

Any correlation meritting inquiry into Thanet rates of ectopic pregnancy ?

Anonymous said...

Sad to see this post as I would have thought that you would have known that Bowen has a mental illness, and by your continued pressure upon him, will probably regress.( although probably only to an ex labour councillor)!

Anonymous said...

I used to know Bowen, in fact as a child in the 1980s. I can vouch that, 100% for certain, that his family were from New Zealand. Some of the comments here are appalling.