Thursday, 9 October 2008

Richard Eastcliff Gives us some Medical Advice

Well not exactly but Richard did post something informative from one of his readers here about the Flu Jab and how you can get it from a place in Broadstairs called Pierremont Pharmacy.

I can tell you in the land of the NHS that the post is correct in the fact that if you are not a high risk patient, you are not automatically entitled to this jab. This is yet another reason why private clinics start doing so well because most people who actually want the jab are the people who don't want to be sick off work.

I think I'm going to have to nip to Broadstairs to have a look at this Pharmacy. I've had a look at their website here and actually I'm now rather intrigued as it would seem that their clinical rooms are much nicer than mine! I'm surprised that Ken Gregory's not told us about this place as it's in Broadstairs.

Still, it's nice for a change to see a pharmacy getting involved in this way thus taking a little pressure off G.P.'s and frankly I don't think I've seen a set up quite like this. But why isn't there something like this in Ramsgate? It's always in Broadstairs! OK so we've got a nice big Boots in the High Street and there's the other one next door to Rooks which looks rather dark inside, but none of these places seem to be offering what this place is doing Broadstairs.

OK. So this part of the ramble is the serious bit, and of course this is my own opinion (other medics opinions may vary!).

It the flu jab worth it? - YES! It can help stop the spread of Flu which is a virus, so it can be stopped.

But the flu jab can give me flu though can't it? NO! Despite what anyone might tell you, it is impossible to get flu from the jab as the vaccine contains inactive antigens. You may get some cold like symptoms for a day or two but that's it.

Have I got a cold or do I really have flu? You will know if you have the flu! Most people will be suffering from just a rather nasty cold and claim they have flu but they haven't. Basically, if there was a million quid sat over the other side of the room and you were told you could keep it if you went over and picked it up, if you had a cold you'd get the money, if you have flu, you wouldn't give a monkeys about the dosh!

So final bits of advice?

I think it's worth having a flu jab. It's only protective against 3 strains of the virus but they are the most likely ones to be lurking around.

Phone your Doctor's Surgery and check whether you can get it off them for free. If you can then brilliant, if not, then you've got the choice to go elsewhere and pay to have it done or of course not have it at all. It's your choice!

And remember, by having a flu jab it also reduces the chance of you passing on the virus to someone else. Influenza is still a large killer so it's better to be prepared.

I hope this posting has been helpful for some people. If you want more info on flu then your best bet is to type it into a seach engine or check Wikipedia.

Stay Healthy!


Stephen Foster said...

Hello Great Daktari!!! I was intrigued to read your "ramblings" about the flu' clinic we are offering at Pierremont Pharmacy in Broadstairs. I would be delighted if you would come to our pharmacy for a visit, and see what we are offering to our patients. Incidentally, we have recently been recognised as the leading clinical pharmacy in the country (C+D Platinum Design Award for Service Innovation; "Clinical Service of the Year" in the C+D Awards 2008)so would welcome your comments. Please contact us at the pharmacy on (01843) 600309, or alternatively e-mail my Store Manager, Damien Atherton, at to arrange a visit. Kind regards, Stephen Foster, Pharmacy Superintendent, Pierremont Pharmacy.

Ken Gregory said...

Oh Wise Medic, I had not heard of this place, But as I know the famed 'Doc' Atherton from his broadcasting days, I would suspect it is a very glossy pad. Me, I will let those who need the flu jab to get it, I'll take the risk, and perhaps let my immune system deal with the pesky virus,(perhaps aided by copious quantities of single malt)

The Great Daktari said...

I hope it's 12 year old single malt Ken!

Yes the website does make it look glossy. I guess the only way to find out is to go and have a look.

I'm guessing there is still a pharmacy in Sleepy Hollow too!