Monday, 20 October 2008

Do you know what you're drinking?

I always said there was something in the water!

Now it would seem that my little catchphrase is actually right! Rather than regurgitate what you can already find on the blogs, I strongly suggest that you check out Michael Childs blog on the subject here.

It's all rather worrying really isn't it? If you're not sure what Cyclohexanone is or you find most of the stuff on the internet a bit hard to understand, then basically...................

It is a colorless, oily liquid with an odor reminiscent of peppermint oil and acetone. Over time, the color of the liquid changes to yellow. Cyclohexanone is slightly soluble in water (5-10 g/100 ml), but miscible with the most common organic solvents. Cyclohexanone is employed as an industrial solvent and it is also used in the production of adipic acid, cyclohexanone resins, caprolactam and nylon 6.

I could go on but in short, it's toxic! Oh yes, and it could be in our water supply!

Now I'm sure that the clean up operation is pretty strict but it does seem a little odd that we're only really hearing about it now after 12 years. THAT is what concerns me.

The problem is, now I'm wondering what else has happend in the past that we should really have been told about? That's the $64,000 question!

It pains me to say it but serial antagonist "Rick" has really done some work of importance here for everyone in Thanet. Hopefully more will come to light as time moves on (although let hope it's not in another 12 years!)

I do wonder though if some of it has escaped in the water though, what with Eastcliff Richard's recent hissy fit and Maisiegrace's view of Margate through rose tinted specs!

Nurse.........The Screens!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

That's nothing, you want to view the Ground Water Quality charts?

Forget the bogus Nitrate problem, it is very much a case of TDC scaremongering and not the locals when it comes to our underground aquifers which are in a hell of a state.

Rick said...

And no doubt you will grace us with your opinion re the sudden (and coincidental) fire at a back street drug factory in Margate ?

Not because certain people have realized that I am pushing Kent Police Authority to force police to seek out such premises where stolen cyclohexanone might be in use ? No just coincidence.

Before publishing the amounts being recovered from ground I got the information about thefts of the solvent. And reported same to the Police Authority.

It is not actually accurate to describe me as the serial antagonist in my concerns. There were other antagonists who bottled out. But in the redoubtable John Allen's case he charged me with the duty to continue to report his gun range and firearms offeces concerns. He did this in Final Prayer administered by Revd Piper at the Pilgrims Hospice.

However happily there is one true serial factor in the history. The same police case officer for all the history of concerns. And I have asked Kent Police Authority to liken him to Stephen Glass of the New Republican.

The Kent Police Authority has been, since 3rd August, drawing up a summary of twenty years of essentially this officer's case work.

Paramilitary activity arrests, 1989 Deal Barracks bombing, 1995 custody death, refusals of crime complaints related to terrorism, intimidation of complainants aided and abetted by a member of the Police Authority, failure to enforce firearms and range safety law, refusing Coroners requests to re-open sudden death cases The list is extensive.

But you are being a little churlish in implying that exposing the Sericol matter is a first favour I have done the people. The warnings re IRA attacking mains electricity in 1996 (Warnings called unduly imaginative by Kent Police numpties). That was pretty gratifying to have helped head off a six month power cut in London and South East.

And the new Security of Electrical Supply Regulations for NHS Hospitals.

Serial achiever of objectives ?

Antagonistic along the way.

Rick said...

I should explain. The problem was reported to National rivers Authority by Sericol in the early 90s.

The "Remediation" project began in 96 and has extracted 470 tonnes of solvent so far. (that is tonnage of solvent NOT tonnage of chalk with solvent in it). The Environment Agency calculate the volume of solvent extracted by the by products of the process.

The problem was an underground feed pipe from storage to factory and it is likely it was faulty from its installation. So the problem would have existed for perhaps twenty or more years before discovery.

The local water abstraction was switched off once the leak was discovered and reported.

I have now made further FOI application to Environment Agency asking that they establish the integrity of pipe and vessel welds on the recent giant Pfizer development site and whether weld inspectors refused to sign off the work. That contractuialmstandards were not met and that standards were dumbed down as contracting companies paid penalty sums to Pfizer. IE to establish whether Thanet has another but much larger case of sub standard pipe installation on its doorstep.

I am told that there have been maybe four incidents at Thor in which TDC yielded lead agency response to Govt (Environment Agency ?)

Ken Gregory said...

OGM you can obtain from southern water a chemical breakdown of the water they supply you with over the last 12 months, for free. you only have to write to their head office.

Anonymous said...

A sudden interest in water quality from Chair of Planning? I wonder why?

Michael Child said...

Ken it’s not the water coming out of the tap that is of most concern here as it’s tested, it’s private boreholes used for irrigation, food washing and industry the environment agency tell me they don’t regulate them. Thanet Earth for instance will be pumping water adjacent to a major road junction and its lorry parks and loading bays will drain into soakaways, do you think the lorry drivers will even know that what they pour down the drains will end up on the tomatoes.