Saturday, 11 October 2008

Council approved but they don't like it up at TDC do they!

The Ramsgate Council thing has been approved and it would seem that the usual stuff about how it's going to cost us more money etc etc is being spurted out left right and centre. One of the most notable being councillor Mike Harrison.

Well, that's democracy for you! Ramsgate voted and the winner was for Ramsgate to have its own Council, so frankly we'd better start getting used to the idea!

Personally, if it costs us a bit more but means that more can be done for Ramsgate then I'm all for it. You don't get anything for nothing do you! And Broadstairs have a council and that seems to be alright!

All Mike Harrison has done is bash on about Gerry O'Donnell like he's the spawn of Satan or something. All Gerry did was get passionate about the town he lives in and wants it to have greater control over the things that happen in it.

It doesn't mean that Gerry will become a councillor, he'll have to stand like anyone else and if he's voted in, then so be it. But of course, people may vote for someone else.

There are things that do make me chuckle though, like Mike Harrison saying that he wont stand for election in this council as he opposed it and it wouldn't be right! Surely Mike, the best thing you could do is to stand and then fight the system from within - if that's what you want to do!

By saying he wont stand, my interpretation is that Mike isn't all that interested really in Ramsgate. If he was, he would stand!

So come on Mike, show us that you do have the interest of the town that voted for you to represent part of them on TDC!!!!!

So my final opinion on this is the following..........................................

None of the TDC Councillors for Ramsgate have said anything positive or they have stayed silent about the creation of this new council. So I would urge anyone who reads my ramblings to remember this when it comes to the elections in 2009 because if these people start popping up as candidates, it'll be a bit hypocritial wont it?

Mark my words, I'm sure that some of them will stand and frankly I think that their current actions (or lack of them) should be testament as to why they shouldn't represent us!

This is a good opportunity to get Ramsgate back on track. Let's hope the electorate don't miss an opportunity to get the best for our town.


Anonymous said...

Of all the councillors that voted for it, the one that shocked me the most was Alistair Bruce. The word is - it seems that although he was against it at first, he now seems to have his eye on something senior.

Who was Judas?

Anonymous said...

The great Gerry IS the spawn of satan. And he has cost the ratepayer a fortune. I actually agree with Mike H for once

Matt B said...

I'm reserving judgement for now. It's all to early to say what might happen.

Ken Gregory said...

OGM, the idea of a Parish for Ramsgate is fine in principle, but in practice is out moded and a retrograde step. It will cost the people of Ramsgate more cash, won't have much more than a consultative role, and will provide another talk shop (see Cliffsend) that will bring itself to a log jam of 'new' old ideas. But that is only my opinion as an ex parish councillor. We here in the village used to spend 3 hours every two months admnistering £3k. Very much like the Dibley Parish Council. (does G.O.D see himself as Jim Trott?)