Thursday, 9 October 2008

More Ramblings from the OGM

Greetings one and all from the OGM (Ken Gregory's little nickname for me)

It's been a while but sometimes life in the world of The Great Daktari can be rather busy however, I'm back!

So what have I missed since my last rambling? err.... Chinagate/planning/chinagate/planning etc etc

Despite my own ramblings being a little non-existant as of late, I do try to keep up with my daily dose of favourite bloggers.

So what really has kept me amused on the blogging scene since I last rambled? Well I guess it's got to be the china gateway malarchy really. Whether you're for or against it's made great reading and has still been more interesting that reading the local rags.

The great thing about this blogging lark is that anyone can voice their opinion. Some (dare I say) more sensible than others.

There's a great deal of passion when it comes to this chinagate thing. Michael Child's Thanetonline blog can certainly tell you that as can Tony's Bignews Margate. For the time being I don't think I'll ramble on to much on this subject as many others are already doing such a good job. Whether you are for it, or against it, well that's your own choice but my advice to you is do watch out for the propaganda that seems to spew from both sides of the fence. It could distract you from the topic in hand. Actually, it would seem that Goebbels is alive and well in Thanet and having fun with both sides.

All I will say, is that it would be nice to see what more of TDC's Councillors have to say on the Topic. Obviously, the blogging worlds Ken Gregory needs to be careful of what he says (due to the planning chair etc) and I fully understand that. Even Sandy Ezekiel gives you a straight answer on his opinion (a first I know! Although if you want to debate who funded the trip to China, you'd better start a new topic). So what do the other councillors have to say on this matter? Come on chaps, tell us the truth! Or as Jamie Oliver would say "Try something new today!"


Michael Child said...

Doc as the protection of a clean water supply is a major public health issue, your thoughts on the matter would be of interest, at the moment there seem to be inadequate safeguards in place to prevent poison getting into the food chain too, how would you chaps deal with an incident of that nature?

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