Friday, 15 August 2008

Are we being watched?

Where do I start? Well I guess Eastcliff Richards Blog on the notion that we're all being watched. Frankly that doesn't surprise me.

Freedom of speech is important and we get a lot more of it here than in some countries! As old people have often told me "Two World Wars were fought for our freedom" so lets hope it stays that way.

Let's face it, in this world of technology it's inevitable that "snoops" are around. Emails can be easily read, phones easily tapped etc etc.

Mobile phones are a great example. The vast majority have them and we've all seen those cop shows where they can find out an area where that person is by triangulating the signal. With the advent of GPS I wouldn't be at all surprised if they could pinpoint each and every one of us.

There's a little paranoia in all of us. But that can be a good thing and keep us on our toes. Although I'm not into this "Nanny State" that we seem to be being pushed toward. I could go on forever about it with such examples as the Smoking Ban. We all know the "for" arguement is geared towards health but on the against side, people are being told what to do and a publican can't even be allowed to decide for themselves how to do things in their business.

So are we living in a Big Brother state? I'd say yes but that's just my opinion. I don't believe you can blame the government for the whole thing. Us consumers do make demands on a technical scale (i.e. Mobile phones with more gadgets etc) and because we want to "upgrade" all the time, we actually make it easier for them to "Snoop".


Eastcliff Richard said...

To be fair the snooping incident on my blog was more a case of the old Mark I eyeball drawing an inept conclusion from something that had been written there, rather than any high tech stuff.

It is seriously worrying, though, when you think that TDC now have the powers to tap into our phone calls, read our emails and spy on us with super-duper digital cameras!

Anonymous said...

but we do not do that often

Matt B said...

Fortunatly for us councils and government generally are really crap at using computers and so a little knowledge will easily stop them flat.