Friday, 15 August 2008

The main sands toilets! - and other "Rambles"

Well if you read Michael's Thanetonline blog, you'll discover that apparently the council want to install turnstiles in the toilets on the sands and make the public pay!

Now I don't know if this is the council's sneaky way of encouraging the public to buy their own toilet in the form of a Royal Sands Wendy House but to charge to go to the loo?????????

This just makes my blood boil! Just because the council's budget is not looking too healthy, they seem to want to try every money making scheme possible.

As Michael said (sad as it is), it will encourage people to use the main sands as a toilet. Sad but true, there will be people that will (not just consider!) doing just that.

Whilst we're on the subject of the seafront - and what a beautiful one we have, why oh why is the old pavillion still sitting there empty? Now before you start pointing out the obvious and saying such thing as "Well what do you suggest should be done with it?" i'm afraid my answer is "I don't know!" but then there are people around here who get paid for coming up with ideas!

It's a beautiful old building. Let's hope it doesn't rot!


Anonymous said...

The building is still in the leasehold possession of the Casino Company.

Michael Child said...

I understand that TDC have issued a repairs order on Grovsner Casinos (parent company Rank Organisation) and that survey work is in progress prior to the work being carried out.

Anonymous said...

I hear Wettons lost the franchise to clean Thanet's toilets, they have done a good job.Has the council now gone for a cheaper operator and standards will decline, whilst charging for a pee?