Sunday, 10 August 2008

Buying a Ramsgate Sands Wendy House

Apologies first for not being on for a few days. The weirdy beardy Folkwits have kept me busy with their injuries whilst trying to dance to "Twiddly Diddly" Music - but more on the Broadstairs Garlic Beer Festival later!

Anyway - The Ramsgate Royal Sands Wendy House....

While Fridays Isle of Margate Gazette concentrated on an actual news story in the form of China Gate (of which you can read more on Richard Eastcliff's Blog and Michaels Bookshop Blog), the rather downmarket Margate Times Newspaper (published on Tuesdays and available across Thanet to anyone who want's to know what's happening in Margate) actually had a "Story" based in our very own beloved town of Ramsgate!
Yes there are people who are so disillusioned with their own town, their mental state of mind has made them camp out all night long to hopefully get their hands on a Royal Sands Apartment (complete with indoor seawater swimming pool!). But was this really Front Page News? Hardly, but the editor of the newspaper obviously thought it was!

Now if it was a news story about people queing to get their mitts on one of these concrete beach chalet's and then discovering that the Enviroment Agency have some rather serious concerns, then maybe it should be front page news. But the story was about 2 local sisters who queued overnight! Well I feel so much better knowing that! That really is an important bit of news that the people of Thanet needed to know!

I'm sure someone will be thinking "You're just criticising the editor of a our local paper!" and my respose is.... "You're absolutely right!" However, this is not in a vindictive way. These are just my views and observations and I just think that the lack of real news in our local newspapers is appalling! OK so lots of people like to read the tabloids - but even the editors of such papers as The Sun or The Daily Mirror know what should go on a front page!

In my youth, I had the pleasure of meeting and quizzing Harold Bull - who, even back then was a retired formed editor of the local rags and would know what when on a front page! What I'm saying is that I believe the current editor is in no way in the same league as some of the newspaper's previous editors (even the one who though he was editing "The Sun" and gave us a dubious "Page Three" every week!)

I think what I'm getting at is that I'm just not happy with the quality of "News" That appears in our local papers - and I mean all of them. When you look at other areas of the UK, some of them have really good local papers - where as ours just seem to be a bit pants!

Right, I'm now off to have a laugh at this weeks "letters to the editor" page................

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Anonymous said...

You'll be pleased to know that the inestimable Thanet Extra concurred with you on this issue and its version of the same story was contained some way inside.

Hiope you get one through your door, if not please call 01622 794620.