Sunday, 24 August 2008

Wansum Jazz

OK so the Wansum Jazz Festival is in full swing! Already there's people commenting on blogs saying it's a waste of time.

Well from where I am it's sounding very nice. People have braved the naff Bank Holiday weather and there's some really nice music going on.

Personally I admire the people who have braved the weather and I also admire the performers.

For once on the Bandstand at the Eastcliff there is something going on which doesn't sound like a strangled cat!

All too often events that appear on the bandstand end up mostly being panned out with awful Karaoke singing so this is a nice change.

The only thing that I think is a shame is that very little seems to happen on the bandstand during the good weather. In other words, very little appears on there during June & July.

Now I know that it's Bank Holiday weekend but what's wrong with a normal weekend?

What else can we have go on at the bandstand? There's plenty of room down there and I'd hate the council to think that as it's not used much, it's a waste so they might as well get rid of it. Lets face it, anything's possible when in comes to Councils and Spare Land.

So........... Any suggestions?

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