Thursday, 7 August 2008

My first blog!

Welcome one and all to my first blog. I guess I was inspired by the ramblings of Richard Eastcliff and figured that as I also live in the millionaires playground known as the East Cliff, I'd put my spare time to some use!

Now I don't have as much time as dear Richard, but I must admit, I admire someone who takes their blogging so seriously. If only there were more of us.

Like Richard Eastcliff, I only want what's best for Thanet, Ramsgate and The East Cliff. I'll also admit that I agree with a lot of what Richard says.

So if you're passionate too, then get involved! Have your say! At least on here your voice can be heard unlike say the local rags!

I was having a good old chuckle the other day reading the letters to the editor in The Isle of Thanet Gazette and it seems to be the same old names that keep appearing. There's usually one from some chap called Adrian Ottley he's pretty vocal although I'm not keen on his views (he's a real regular I think the editor must like him!) and of course there's always the usual ones from TDC. It's usually one councillor having a go at another and then the following week the other one has a go back and frankly the people of Thanet are no better off and none the wiser!

Oh I almost forgot the obligitory letter that usually arrives from Trevor Shonk who's a member of UKIP! Now to be fair, Trevor is very passionate about the town. But UKIP? I mean come on! Whether we like it or not, Thanet gets a great deal of (although we do need more) dosh from the EU! So if UKIP were in power, we'd no longer be in the EU. So how would we get that funding? Can anyone enlighten me?

And then of course going back to the local rags, we have the ramblings of various politicians. Steve Ladyman in one, Roger Gale in another and as the Gazette managed to upset dear old Roger we now have "Ezekiel's View"! Starring the leader of the Council, Sandy Ezekiel! And usually consists of how good a job he thinks the Tories are doing!

So tonight I leave you with this thought.......................................
In the bible Ezekiel was a prophet..................... is our very own Ezekiel looking to make a profit by trying to sell off the Towns family silver? I.E. The old Motor Museum, Albion House and many others!

Enough of my ramblings for tonight, nurse is calling me to continue dishing out the medication!


Eastcliff Richard said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of Thanet blogging, Dak!

If I see a cross-eyed lion wandering around the East Cliff I'll send him your way.

The Great Daktari said...

Cheers Richard!

I thought the cross-eyed lion was running The Granville but I may be wrong...............

Ken Gregory said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of what is laughingly called the happy family of thanet bloggers. I will wager that it will take you all of two weeks to fall out with someone. Aside from that , nice to see a new one. I'll put your link in my sidebar.

Michael Child said...

dxvippibHi doc welcome to the dubious world of blogging I have put a link on my sidebar and added you to my recent posts.

The Great Daktari said...

Thank you for the nice comments chaps!

Dear Ken, you can wager all you like and you will probably be right! If we were all the same, the world would be a very uninteresting place!

I shall look forward to any comments you may have - I might not agree (or I might!) but all the same, debate is the name of the game. I'm not looking to fall out with people but at least here we are all able to express an opnion!

And to Michael, thank you for your link on your blog. Hope your bookshop is well!

Anonymous said...

why not:)