Sunday, 10 August 2008

Thanet Leisure Farce

So last night, Mrs Daktari and I went to the theatre....... well, I say theatre.............more a big hall with chairs and a stage...................OK a Big hall that hasn't been decorated properly in years with uncomfortable chairs and a stage that looks like it was painted by Stevie Wonder! I apologise for the last comment but if your saw how bad it was, you'd probably agree!

Now where am I talking about?
A Church Hall? - NO!
A Village Hall? - NO!
A Privately Run Theatre like The Granville? - NO!

WHERE? I hear you cry. The Margate Winter Gardens of Course!

We went to see Joe Pasquale who was incredibly funny. The venue however was not! It needs more than a lick of paint!! It short, it needs a redesign.

Now before you all start lynching me, I'm aware that this costs money but if the place was done up, then maybe a lot of people wouldn't laugh at it as a venue. I would certainly think twice about going there again.

So where do I start with my moans?
Well the chairs were uncomfortable, I challenge you to book up for an event there so you can see what I mean!

Most theatre Auditoriums are at a sloped angle - meaning that if someone sits in front you, you can still see what you paid to see! - At the Winter Gardens, most of it is all on one level and really hard to see though someone's head unless you remembered to bring your X-Ray Specs!

I could go on with my moans but what's the point?

So what would I suggest is done about this Thanet Embarrassment? Well ripping out the inside and starting again. To be able to compete with other places, you have to evolve.

Now I'm not suggesting knocking the place down and rebuilding it - but perhaps that not such a bad idea. I know some people would say it's a piece of history but then some history is best left in the past.

I guess what I'm really saying is that I would really like to see the Winter Gardens become a venue to be reckoned with - not the joke/eyesore I saw last night.

At the moment, I'd rather go to Canterbury or London to see these sort of shows. Not because I'm a snob but the surroundings are important too!

Take the Granville Theatre for Example, now although it's being run by just about everyone, they're really trying hard. They realise that improvements needed to (and still do) be made. It will take them time but they're getting there! They have comfy seats, the decoration is ok and most of the productions they have there are worth being interested in. It's just a shame the Granville wont book as much in the way of the more famous performer.

So am I just being unfair to the Winter Gardens or just being honest? They've booked some great performers who embarrasingly have to perform on that stage! Sadly, I believe that sometimes to go forward, you need be a bit ruthless and make some changes.

Lets face it, I'm sure a new redesigned Winter Gardens would be far more popular than The Planned "Tuner Centre"


Anonymous said...

Daktari, I tend to agree with you over the winter gardens, trouble is its a small venue compared with the rest of the world, so cannot attract the big stars, The place needs a makeover, but are you prepared to stump up the cost in your rates!

Probably not.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more with you...& I WORK at The Winter Gdns!!! The place is a mess, especially the promenade side.

Oh, & get yourself on the Thanet Blog List feed, you may get more people visiting & commenting:

The Great Daktari said...

OK. Yes it is a smaller venue than some places but they still have some good performers on there! And that does include some people who are still on telly!

Am I prepared to stump up the cost in my rates? Well actually I am if it were to provide Thanet with a decent venue. But lets not forget, funding can come from all sorts of places. Afterall, The Turner Centre is getting a load.

I'm sure more locals in Thanet would use a revamped theatre than the Turner Centre!

Lucy Mail said...

I think you paint a blacker picture than neccesary Doc. Yes, it could do with a make-over but you make it sound hideous, which it isn't. I think the place has a charm and elegance, even today.
I've only ever been there for concerts and, more recently, beer festivals, so theatre seating isn't an issue to me. On the whole though, I find it to be a rather breath taking and beautiful venue.
Though I'm sure one of your commentors has some pictures of it's behind-the-scenes, naked horrors, we've yet to see them.

The Great Daktari said...

Lucy. Yes some of it is beautiful and I'm not suggesting that it be demolished. Just revamped! or at the very least, give the inside a lick of paint!