Thursday, 7 August 2008

Bin Day!

Well it's thursday night and us folk on the Eastcliff are getting ready for Bin Day!

No it's not a new attraction from TDC. It's the day before we all put out our refuse to be collected by TDC. I, like many other people will be getting rid of my refuse sensibly. Indeed, I was only at the waste centre in Sandwich recycling some stuff the other day.

But do you know what annoys me? The amount of rubbish that still lines the gutters AFTER the binmen have been!

Now Richard Eastcliff I know has been passionate about the amount of rubbish that seems to be left behind from the binmen. It does seem that if a bin bag splits, a portion of it ends up on the ground and the binmen don't seem to pick this up. Perhaps they think they're doing their mates (the roadsweepers) a favour by keeping them in work. But it would be nice to see the roadsweepers around at the same sort of time!

But who exactly is to blame? Are the binmen on such a tight schedule that they can't stop to pick something up off the floor? Are some of the Eastcliff's millionaires too tight with their money and buying naff bin bags that couldn't hold a council meeting? Or maybe we should just attack the Supermarkets who sell this nasty bags that split as soon as you put anything in them?

We could spend the next year blaming each other. I on the other hand have decided to spend my money (not necessarily wisely) and buy some stong bin bags. Not only that, I actually will put my full tied up bin bag into another one for a bit more protection.

Whatever we seem to do though, I can guarantee that when I head off for my morning surgery tomorrow, the Eastcliff will probably be awash with refuse. Especially around Welly Crescent, Augusta Road and the Plains of Waterloo.

Am I alone in being annoyed at the way refuse is dealt with around here?

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Cllr David Green said...

No, you are not alone.
This is of course the worst time of year for the seagulls, and the sight of the Eastcliff on bin day is horrific.
If I see a bad situation, I report it and expect to see it cleared up within 24h. The streets show be swept within 48h of the bin collection anyway.
This is not a solution though. There are many roads unsuitable for the 2 wheeelie bin/fortnightly collection regime. At the moment the Council seems content to leave us with the problem.
I would like them to try strategically placed large bins so that residents could place rubbish sacks in them. My requests are falling on deaf ears at the moment.