Sunday, 24 August 2008

Plain Jane & Other bits of the Gazebo

Well we've obviously hit a bit of a nerve when it comes to Plain Jane and her "Column" in the Isle of Margate Gazebo!

Apparently, after more than FIVE years of doing her column, she says "I am no better at predicting which columns will get the letter flooding in- and which will bring forth a resounding Silence" - perhaps that's telling you something Jane!

According to her blog - sorry, newspaper column, she didn't expect the response that she got regarding her column in last weeks Gazebo regarding Thanet Blogging.

Had she not read any of the said blogs? If she had, maybe she'd have been more prepared for the response she recieved both on and offline!

I also see that she decided to take a swipe at Ken Gregory because of his "rude" comments about using her page to line the cat's litter tray. And her excuse for the vast amount of incorrect information in her original comments? Well they were due to writing in in the hours before going off to a wedding!!! Frankly I thought Ken's comment about the litter tray was funnier than the said article!!!! And all this from someone who's hair is several different colours!

So not only was there no care or attention to detail made to her column, from her comments this week, it would seem that she can't take what she tries to dish out!

So while we're on the subject of local newspapers, let stick with the Gazebo.................

Well the letter's page is still much the same including Eurobaiting this week from Roger Arnold from UKIP! Yes as per usual according to Roger the EU is taking TWO MILLION POUNDS "Every hour, every night and avery day" which if believed equates to £48 Million per day! Can anyone verify this?

Of course, the usual letters from Councillors verbally pulling a silly face and sticking their tongue out at other councillors continues

But "Daktari's Favourite Letter of the Week" has to be the last one that was sent by Mr. E. Brownlee which read...............

"May I send a message to the low-life postworker who stole my grandson's birthday money between Margate Genereal Post office and Broadstairs. I hope you enjoyed spending it and I wish you nothing but ill will fot the future"

Why was this my letter of the week? Well mainly to prove my point that the editor of these newspapers seriously need to look at some of the things they publish. What kind of a world are we living in when a newpaper is publishing a letter telling someone (in slightly different words) "I hope you choke on it" - well that's a really nice and sensible thing to read!

My advice to the editor? Don't publish letters like that! Pass them on to your "Reporters" who would probably be able to turn it into a bit of news. You never know, they might just enjoy doing the work!


Eastcliff Richard said...

So Plain Jane's 'heir is of different colours'. As a doctor perhaps you could explain how this condition might come about, medically speaking.

Michael Child said...

Funniest thing I have read for ages must be mixes seamen and a jolly roger.

Michael Child said...

sorry should have been mixed

Ken Gregory said...

Hey, guys and guyesses (oh deera I will get told off for my smelling)

I was not offended by her ramblings, she has a job to do. I have shared a very pleasant hour with the lady, and she is charming (if a little sheltered). More importantly, we are all entitled to view life through different coloured lenses. Me I chose blue now. Seeing as uncle gordon is so obviously of the red flag lot

Rick said...

Medically speaking ECR her condition arose when she dyed.

Hope this is helpful.

The Great Daktari said...

ECR - My Apologies about the spelling of "Hair"!

It's been a long night.

Oh dear, everyone's spotted the spelling mistake! Maybe Jane's spotting of typos are rubbing off on you all!

Anonymous said...

Work on your sleeping (nightmare) psychology has begun by suggestion (ECR blog) that Plain Jane is really your mother in law.

Anonymous said...

ass ann idiiot to thee bllogging sitess II feell thaat smelling iss nnot immpotent

Matilda said...

Great work.