Sunday, 17 August 2008

Blogs or Newspaper Columns?

Your choice! Which one's more entertaining?

OK lets put it another way................. Thanet Blogs or Jane Wenham-Jones' (now referred to as JWJ) Column in the Isle of Margate Gazebo?

Well frankly there's no choice is there? No I'm not "Bigging up" my blog! My ramblings are just my opinion and if you wish to comment, well you're always welcome.

The reason why I say there is no choice is that the world of blogging offers us everything (well almost!). Whether you just want to find out what's been happening in your area, read someone elses opinion on a particular topic, just want a laugh. or just want to read a "verbal spat" between two people! - You can get it all on these Blogs! And in the local Gazebo? Well you can read childish comments, probably more spats (usually from councillor's in the letters section!) and some often not very well reseached "Journalism" - I use that word VERY loosely!

What's JWJ done to upset me? - Nothing, but after having read her latest blog...oops sorry, "column" about blogging, bloggers etc, I just did not find it very constructive.

Her column contained a number of inaccuracies be they either the wrong name of someone or a wrong blog address - admittedly, that was mainly Eastcliff Richard and I'm sure he's not losing any sleep over it! But for someone to suggest to it's reader to have a look at someone's blog if you've nothing better to do or there's nowt on telly, they clearly haven't done their research very well have they?

Anyway, these are the bits that tickled me when I read her column............

1. Her sarcasm regarding Tony Bignews' grammar - so what if the grammar's incorrect? At least he's having a go and frankly having read a couple of his blogs, I've discovered already that they're more informative and entertaining that JWJ!

2. JWJ used half a newspaper page on her column only to tell us "I like my rants short and sweet" - could've fooled me (and many others I'm sure)

........actually (like her columns) I could go on forever but you get the idea! If you'd like to read her article, trawl though some of the blogs on here for the link and read someone's blog along the way, I promise it'll be more entertaining!

In short, where she was trying to be funny, she wasn't. The jokes about Ken Gregory's change on party politics are so old that the mold growing on them have formed their own Folk Trio and have just had a cracking week in Broadstairs! - now if she'd said Ken was like Litmus Paper and changed colour to suit the situation (sorry Ken!) I may have laughed out loud.

I've never read any of her books and I've no desire to either - incidentally if you "want to be a writer", get yourself a pen and paper, if you put the two together, you might just be amazed at the results.

All I'll ask of JWJ...... next time, please try to get your research right, oh and keep reading Councillor Green's Blog! ;)

Nurse! - The Screens!


Ken Gregory said...

Thats alright Doc, I am told my skin is as thick as my brain. So no hurt there. But I do agree, there is nothing more annoying than a journo who can't take it if you do not agree with them. They had the advantage before of access to the 'Media' and an apology on page 54 in type size 7. Now of course we all can get our views across. I feel that the worm has turned so to speak.

Ps Your photo reminds me of the Doctor in 'My Hero' (Piers Crispin)

The Great Daktari said...

Well hopefully I've got a little more sense that the Doctor in 'My Hero'

Glad to see I didn't offend you Ken, it was just to prove a point on how to make an old topic "jokey" without being incredibly rude!

I'm glad my comments are making some sort of sense!

As you say Ken, the worm HAS turned and I don't think the "Journo's" are liking it very much.

Mind you, there doesn't seem to be much real news in our local papers these days.

The Great Daktari said...

Actually Ken, I've just had a look at JWJ's website.

Judging by the colours of her hair I think she might have a problem deciding which party she likes! ;)

Michael Child said...

I suspect the rest of the news media are going to be in for a bit of a hard time too, after all most of us now have the facilities to produce our own videos online and the local TV news covers too large an area.

I would say that to people in Thanet China Gateway was the most interesting story in a long time and the two local news channels didn’t even cover it.

Anonymous said...


Ken tends to write his contributions as lyrics, to the tune of "I believe", but we have stopped betting on it now as we think he is doing it deliberately.

"That's alright doc I am told my skin is as

Thick as my brain"

Ken Gregory said...

Some times, oh great medic, i think you should question the mental health of some of these anonymous contributers

The Great Daktari said...

Actually, I think a lot of people have been like this since they started putting fluoride into the water!